Building the next generation of DeFi

You can be a part of Primex, building the next generation of decentralized finance that competes with centralized prime brokerages.

Primex is comprised of three main roles

You can take on any of three roles within Primex and invite your friends to join as any of them:

Primex Referral Program

Primex allows traders to execute automated trades and introduces spot margin trading to DeFi without the need for derivatives. It does this while remaining true to the core DeFi principles of:

  • Decentralization
  • Anonymity
  • Democratization
Liquidity Providers

Lend your crypto and earn interest through risk-scored Primex Credit


Trade, use leverage, and automate stop-loss and limit orders, and plenty more


Protect Liquidity Providers’ assets from too-risky trades and support the execution of automated trades for Traders

Referral Rewards

Everybody can take advantage of what Primex offers

Rewards are granted through the smart contract in a fair and transparent way.

You earn rewards when the person or entity you refer brings value to the network. We use smart contracts to track their contribution and your connection, which is then aggregated with other referrals and their Primex contributions.

Rewards are granted through the smart contract in a fair and transparent way. You can then use these rewards to influence the direction of the protocol.

Locking in liquidity before the mainnet launch earns Lenders enhanced Rewards!

Individuals and entities can both sign up and be referred. You can bring over:

  • Friends
  • Professional Traders
  • Liquidity Providers
  • Validators

And other organizations who will be interested to take advantage of what Primex has to offer.

More referrals and more participation means higher referral rewards when Primex launches the mainnet.

Not sure you have someone to refer? Everyone is welcome at Primex and you will still be contributing to building the next phase of DeFi and bringing the concept mainstream. Your work for the protocol and the future of finance counts!

Primex Referral

Let’s help build the next
phase of DeFi.

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