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Let’s build the next evolution of DeFi together!

The Primex Referral Program aims to attract more users to the protocol. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or business, an influencer or newcomer. We are happy to see everyone here!

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What is the Primex Referral Program?

The referrer-referee relationship is stored in a smart contract and used to determine rewards.

The Primex Finance protocol will only store your wallet/address, your referral relationship, and your own and your referees’ activities within the protocol, all on-chain. Nothing more, nothing less.

All you need to do is spread the word about Primex, attract new users, and ask them to sign a special transaction to approve the Referrer-Referee connection with you. To help with this, we have prepared some materials that you can use to attract users.

Who are Primex Referrers?

Primex referrers help the protocol by attracting new lenders, traders and keepers to the protocol and get
rewarded for the referees’ activities such as trading on Primex or providing liquidity to Primex Credit Buckets.


Individuals who believe in the bright future of DeFi.


Influencers who keep followers updated on the latest trends in DeFi.


Media outlets that cover web3 news.


Web3 organizations and funds.

Benefits for Referrers

Rewards are based on what your Referee brings to the protocol, referred Lenders may provide liquidity and referred Traders generate trading volume or support the Primex infrastructure.

Their contribution and your connection to them are stored in a smart contract and are aggregated with all the other referral relationships and their contributions. Rewards are granted fairly and transparently, all laid out in the smart contract. After the protocol launch, rewards can be used to govern the protocol.

Aligned with what is covered, there is a list of activities that can help you to benefit from some additional perks:


Access to the core team in private Discord channels


Challenges with unique rewards


How to

You can be a part of Primex, building the next generation of decentralized finance that competes with centralized prime brokerages.

Benefits for Referees

The rewards for your Referees are exclusive NFTs, which are valuable, tradable, and transferable.


Lenders will get NFTs that can be used to increase their yield.


Traders will get NFTs that can be used to reduce their trading fees.


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