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We envision a highly inclusive decentralized finance ecosystem, breaking down barriers and bridging the gap between individuals and institutions, enabling effortless trading and investment opportunities for all, empowering financial autonomy across the globe.


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The Primex mission is to provide a universally accessible trading and lending platform, empowering users to interact directly and break free from traditional intermediaries.

Problems Primex solves


Fragmentation of digital asset markets

Trading in isolated environments means that traders on one centralized exchange (CEX) do not trade with traders on another CEX, and the same applies to decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Primex aims to merge trading venues by being a complementary cross-DEX protocol. This means you can now open a position on one DEX and close it on another or even open and close positions on multiple DEXs simultaneously.


Centralized trade execution, blacklisting and treasury management

Primex does not rely on a centralized trade execution mechanism but is powered by a network of community-hosted keepers that execute actions needed for the protocol when certain criteria are met, such as a position liquidation, a stop-loss, take-profit, or a limit order. Primex is a community-governed protocol accessible to everyone. There’s no single authority that manages blacklists or whitelists users.


A limited number of assets are available for spot margin trading

With integration to multiple DEXs, Primex provides traders with access to a diverse range of community-listed assets on DEXs for trading with leverage. This means traders don’t necessarily need to trade derivatives to access leverage and can utilize a wide range of assets for spot margin trading.


Overcollaterization in DeFi

Unlike existing lending protocols where users often have to lock more collateral than the amount they borrow, Primex allows traders to only lock their initial deposit using smart contracts and borrow liquidity to amplify their trading positions. Nothing is transferred to external wallets until a trade is executed, eliminating the need to overcollateralize the margin debt.



Primex is designed as a totally open community-governed DeFi protocol for margin trading. One of the Primex’s objectives is to make leveraged trading accessible for everyone regardless of the nationality or geographic location.

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