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Support the decentralized trading platform by providing computing power to Primex infrastructure.

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What is the Primex Keeper?

Primex does not rely on centralized trade execution mechanisms but relies on Keepers to achieve full decentralization. Keepers are community-hosted bots that monitor and close trading positions, they are incentivized with the Primex token.

Reasons to host a keeper:

Earn rewards by providing computing power

Use your device’s resources to host a Keeper bot and earn rewards in the native PMX token for securing the protocol and executing trades.


Easy onboarding and setup

Setting up your Keeper is easy. Simply install the Keeper software on your device and connect it to the Primex protocol to start participating and earning rewards in the PMX token.


Low system requirements

Only a low-end device and a stable internet connection are needed to get started.


Stacking opportunities

Stake PMX as a Keeper to earn rewards and help ensure the security of the protocol.


Keeper rewards

The Keeper rewards are based on the number of successfully and timely executed trades. The Primex core team continually optimises the Keeper layer, with upcoming versions including a reputation system and staking to enhance the network.

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