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Early User

We’re building a truly decentralized protocol which needs to be supported by the community from the beginning. That’s why we’re inviting early Traders, Liquidity providers, and Keepers to collaborate with the core team and participate in the protocol’s testing and development.

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What is the Primex Early User Program?

The Primex Early User Program focuses on searching for experienced DeFi users and web3 enthusiasts to test the early versions of the protocol, provide feedback, and work closely with the core team to improve the protocol’s functionality.

You will get access to the private community of early users, the ability to propose and prioritize features, and earn rewards for being an Early User.

Our Early Users are:



Lenders provide liquidity to Credit Buckets (Primex Liquidity pools) and earn yield from margin trading fees. Early Users will earn increased rewards for early participation in the protocol. Consequently, those who become early Lenders will have a chance to participate in early liquidity mining events. Read More.



Traders use the liquidity from Credit Buckets to leverage trade across multiple DEXs. Early Traders will get access to Primex NFT giveaways applicable in the protocol and these NFTs can be used to reduce trader fees over an extended period of time, etc.
Read More.



Keepers are responsible for executing trades. Since the execution can’t happen on its own in blockchain, an external stakeholder hosting a Keeper is needed. Early Keepers will receive an increased reward for taking part in the early development of Primex, for being a crucial component of it, and promoting full decentralization.

Benefits for Early Users

Help us build Primex Finance and you will also benefit from
some additional perks.


Communication with other participants and the core team in private Discord channels.


Ability to take part in private challenges and earn exclusive NFTs, merch, etc.


Early access to new versions of the app.


Take part in protocol building and feature prioritization.

What do we expect from early users?

Test New Features
Test Protocol Roles
Provide Feedback
Suggest New Features
Submit Bugs

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Become a Primex Early User

Participate to support the protocol’s testing and development early

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