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Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the Primex Early User program.

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We’re building a truly decentralized protocol which needs to be supported by the community. That’s why we’re inviting early Traders, Liquidity providers, and Keepers to collaborate with the core team and participate in the protocol’s testing and development.

Primex Early user

Liquidity Providers (lenders)

Liquidity providers (LPs) will have an increased incentive for getting involved early in the protocol's lifecycle. One of our crucial goals is to see Primex successfully launched - so we need to have liquidity in the first risk buckets.

Early Traders

Early traders use the liquidity from credit buckets, or pools, to margin trade across multiple DEXs. Traders will have early access to Primex Finance, including alpha and beta versions of the protocol. Thus, they will have the opportunity to test early versions of the protocol, share ideas, and vote for new features.

Early Keepers

The system’s stability and the security of lenders' funds depends on the timely closing of positions; we need decentralized Keepers to close trading positions. Since the closing can't happen on its own, an external stakeholder hosting a keeper is needed.

Benefits to being an early user

  • Communication with other participants in private Discord channels
  • Communication with the core team
  • Early access to the app
  • Ability to take part in private challenges
  • Earn exclusive prizes for early

our backers

Become a Primex
Early User

Let’s participate in the protocol
testing and development.

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