Cross-chain protocol for spot margin trading on DEXs

Primex makes trading and investing limitless and globally accessible without trusting middlemen.

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Primex allows you to trade with leverage on DEXs and farm yield, backed by trading fees.

Cross-DEX cross-margin trading

Our protocol is not limited to a specific DEX. Traders can open leveraged positions across multiple DEXs and the position can be opened on one DEX and closed on another, depending on multiple factors including available liquidity in the respective pair.

Risk management for assets, trading pairs, and traders

Lenders can diversify their risk across multiple assets, specific traders, and so-called risk buckets. A Risk bucket is a smart contract with a set of trading rules introduced by a community-nominated risk notary to facilitate managing risks for lenders.

Yield farming backed by margin fees

Trading generates much higher returns, meaning traders pay fees to the protocol for each margin trade. Lenders earn interest backed by these fees.

AI-based trader scoring

Traders are continuously evaluated by a decentralized network of ML-based nodes. The scoring defines traders’ risk levels and available buckets. High-scoring traders can survive high volatility and save their positions even when they’re approaching the liquidation price.

No collateral to open a position

To open a leveraged position, traders only need to lock the deposit. The protocol does not transfer any funds to external wallets and, in case of liquidation, the locked assets are transferred to the protocol TVL. Traders use smart contracts within the protocol to interact with DEXs, not their personal wallets.

Fixed interest rate for lenders

By locking funds for a specified time, lenders have the opportunity to fix their interest. Fixed interest is backed by trading fees.

How Primex works





Efficiency notaries (Neural networks)

Create and evaluate

Continuously update score based on trades



Risk Profile

Credit (Risk) buckets

Liquidity pool

Provide Liquidity



Our Roadmap

Phase 1

Primex Alpha

  • Isolated margin trading
  • Market and limit orders
  • Stop loss / Take profit
  • Cross-DEX trading - open on one DEX and close on another
  • Liquidation of risky positions
  • Independent keepers
  • Integration with oracles to get relevant prices
  • DEX selector
  • Several predefined credit buckets
  • Public testnet - Rinkeby

Phase 2

Primex Beta

  • New DEXes supported
  • Swap splitter
  • Basic tokenomics
  • Traders can modify existing deals
  • Mathematically proved risk parameters
  • Deployment to public testnets of other EVM-compatible chains
  • Mobile version

Phase 3

Primex V1

  • Audits passed
  • Mainnet launch
  • Community voting for development proposals
  • Multiple language support

Phase 4

Primex V2

  • Cross-margin trading
  • Custom credit buckets by community-nominated bucket notaries
  • AI trader scoring and efficiency notaries are introduced
  • Buckets with trading conditions depending on trader score
  • Cross-chain trading support
  • Lenders can now choose groups of buckets to support
  • Improved governance (multiple staking possibilities)
  • Decentralized keeper network

Phase 5


  • Under-deposited positions (for experienced traders price fluctuations
    can now exceed the initial margin)
  • Fixed interest rate opportunity for lenders
  • Fees optimization for counter positions
  • Under-collateralized lending

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Our Team

This is our team of blockchain engineers and DeFi enthusiasts who work hard to empower your trading and yield farming opportunities.

Meet the team

Vlad Kostanda

Co-founder, CEO

Dmitry Tolok

Co-Founder, VP of Growth

Alex Marukhnenko


Anton Demenko

Product Manager